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The Empowerplus Q96 micro nutrient supplement is the most publicized and researched mood stabilizing formulation in history! It has been shown to produce incredible results to most people suffering from a variety of mental health issues. Because the results have been so amazing, with many getting completely off their prescription medications and being “normalized”, the media coverage has been astounding. Below are several examples…enjoy!



Fox News Reports On EMPowerplus Q96 Supplements


Global News Reports On EMPowerplus Q96 & Autism



Global News Reports On EMPowerplus Q96 & Bipolar Disorder



EMPowerplus Q96 On Life & Leisure TV



Q96 Micronutrient Supplements On Discovery Health Channel



EMPowerplus Q96 On Discovery Canada TV



EMPowerplus Q96 Supplement On Breakfast Television Part 1



 EMPowerplus Q96 Supplement On Breakfast Television Part 2



Global News Reports On EMPowerplus Q96 As a Bipolar Treatment


The recommended dosage for Q96® is 2 capsules at breakfast and again at dinner, however, therapeutic dosing for serious health conditions will be higher. Q96® is $59.95 for a bottle of 120 capsules, or you can join as a Member Customer on monthly auto-ship and pay just $49.95

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Global News Coverage on Empowerplus Q96 & Bipolar



Global News Health Beat Report on EMPowerplus Q96 & Children With Bipolar


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